turned the page suddenly into a new chapter in my life.

no, not me. haha.
but with friends/family hitting these big milestones, 
i feel like i'm definitely diving into these things with them too.

my friend @bchanglezz just proposed last weekend.

i always thought the girls did the bulk of the work.
wedding planning, dreaming, executing..
i mean, just look at pinterest.
i don't see many dudes updating their hair/makeup boards.

but being involved in the whole planning process has given me such an insight into all that's involved.
for one thing...keeping secrets SUCKS.
planning a smooth, successful SURPRISE is really hard.
it's just all around..kind of, really stressful too. 
arts and crafts and program folding have NOTHING on this stuff.

this made me appreciate the dudes so much more.

i'm glad all i had to do was paint a few signs and snap some photos.
well done and bravo to those brave souls who have fixed up a whole proposal. seriously.

anyway, a few snaps:


so cute. so happy.

what an honor! thanks for letting me be involved in this guys.