Pretty Writing meets Holy Matrimony: Brian + Kristin

..or "kchanglezz"
as I like to call them. 

This fun journey began way back in the summer of 2013, 
when I was unemployed and on gchat all day 
and B+K were just seriously dating. 

Brian contacted me about helping with his proposal,
which turned out to be such an honor and a stressball,
even for me, the help.
(Proposals might be the hardest surprises ever!!) 

She said yes, of course.

Which led to a spoken contract about helping them 
with all wedding related paper goods...
again, a huge privilege. 


It's funny, friends seem to approach me 
with such caution when asking for my help...
but really y'all, this is something I LOVE doing 
and I truly feel really special being a part of your day 
in any capacity, but especially this kind.


Anyway, our lovely groomzilla...
kidding, Brian, our creative director/groom 
gave me their wedding day color palette, feel, 
and a lot of free reign. 

I wanted to incorporate this tree trunk 
from their proposal as one of the key design elements. 
Brian had worked so hard on it for Kristin, and 
it was such a special symbol of the beginning of this commitment. 

Also, I love drawing tree bark. 

Their colors were a gorgeous navy and blush,
with natural wood elements.

I seriously loved how this wedding suite turned out.

and a super fun element: stickers!
a great alternative to the usual addressing,
something that I think fit their clean, fresh aesthetic really well.

here's the front:

back, with return address:

and (heartbreak) ripped open to reveal the invitation:

day of signage.
how cute is this ringbearer??

and another wonderful element to their wedding scheme:
recycled wood name cards.
thank you etsy.

so cool to see people actually keeping these usually forgotten name cards
and reusing them later on as coasters.


Dearest KChanglezz,

'twas a year+ long journey!!
Such huge milestones and so much fun.
Y'all are beautiful, obviously on the outside,
but most definitely on the inside.
Thank you for being more than "clients",
thank you for being really wonderful friends.
God is good!

Blessings on your marriage,