Counting down..

- - -

Between the printing, cutting, and folding..
We're counting down! 

*anticipation* so much.




Write on.

I think I've always had a weird obsession with handwriting.

All throughout elementary school, 
my writing would change according to the "best friend" I had at the time. 
I would be obsessed with holding my pencil like they did and writing exactly how they wrote. 
Yes, so strange. 
But I was usually pretty good at this mimicking act.

- - -

Recently I've been inspired by several amazing calligraphers,
both by their fascination with words
and the beauty and freedom in their lettering.
Here are some:

- - -

I've been playing with lettering and calligraphy a little bit these days.
I definitely don't have the amazing technical skill as a true calligrapher.
I'm honestly..a wannabe. haha

It's really fun, though.
mulling over letters and words within a phrase,
outputting lyrics you heard or words you read into flat art
It really makes you just sit and think and let the meaning sink in a little bit more.

available in the etsy shop

- - -

Anyway, I'll be offering custom calligraphy services next week at Art Walk.
Basically you bring in a favorite quote, 
and I'll have paper & pencil ready to create something for you to take home.

Prices will be ranging between $20-25, 
depending on the size and wordage
40% of proceeds will be going towards ZOE International, 
an organization aiding the rescue and protection of children involved in human trafficking.

Come by that night! Let's be friends! 


Royal Baby Fever

YES! It's a boy!

Yes, I totally watched the live feed outside Buckingham Palace, 
anticipating the baby arrival and official announcement.

Yes, ridiculous.

But now it's a fun little illustration:

available in the etsy shop

Yay! Happy Birthday little Prince of Cambridge.



It's coming!

Ah, I can finally post this now that details are ironed out.


I'm a ball of emotions: excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear.
If I had to fill out one of those "What is your mood today?" cards, 
I'd write ALL OF THE ABOVE in gigantic sharpie marker.

I know from the some of the past experiences 
that nothing comes together wonderfully without a little fearlessness and big faith.
I'm hanging onto that.

that, and this:

Prints are great, but cards are so fun!
So I'm working on getting some of that into the show. 
It's not too far of a stretch, but still a whole 'nother level of organizing and dreaming.
Here's a little teaser:

testing prints and type

that Micron Graphic pen..mmmm
favorite pen, ever.

and this past tuesday, Lilly treat us to delicious almond croissants before we talked shop. 
Olivia's having her own show at Share the same night!!

I'll probably have more to share as we approach the August 2nd opening night.
stay tuned, friends. 



LOVE Elizabeth and her babies over at The Littlest
They make southern California living seem so peaceful and dreamy..
(I say this after a lovely afternoon of LA traffic. eek)

anyway, thank you for the feature, Elizabeth.
so exciting!



So excited to let you know
that my work will be up in August's
Fullerton Art Walk at ohhellofriend.
More details to come.

Just know that cake is involved.


This forever summer period is seriously precious and perfect timing.
The grandpa has been a little weak with his arthritis and old age,
and it's been really special getting to hang out with him.

I had a sudden flashback to my childhood today, 
back to when I used to hang out at the grandparents house.
Those days would be filled with lots of Chinese television 
and a guaranteed morning dose of "The Price is Right." 
I have learned nothing about bidding on prizes.

I don't think I remember appreciating him much in my teens.
But there's something about sitting in a living room with him again, 
tv blaring, me doing my own thing, and him in his recliner..
and I'm overwhelmed by how special this guy has been in my life.