Write on.

I think I've always had a weird obsession with handwriting.

All throughout elementary school, 
my writing would change according to the "best friend" I had at the time. 
I would be obsessed with holding my pencil like they did and writing exactly how they wrote. 
Yes, so strange. 
But I was usually pretty good at this mimicking act.

- - -

Recently I've been inspired by several amazing calligraphers,
both by their fascination with words
and the beauty and freedom in their lettering.
Here are some:

- - -

I've been playing with lettering and calligraphy a little bit these days.
I definitely don't have the amazing technical skill as a true calligrapher.
I'm honestly..a wannabe. haha

It's really fun, though.
mulling over letters and words within a phrase,
outputting lyrics you heard or words you read into flat art
It really makes you just sit and think and let the meaning sink in a little bit more.

available in the etsy shop

- - -

Anyway, I'll be offering custom calligraphy services next week at Art Walk.
Basically you bring in a favorite quote, 
and I'll have paper & pencil ready to create something for you to take home.

Prices will be ranging between $20-25, 
depending on the size and wordage
40% of proceeds will be going towards ZOE International, 
an organization aiding the rescue and protection of children involved in human trafficking.

Come by that night! Let's be friends! 

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  1. Love the pink one! It is both cluttered and beautiful. Like life, it somehow flows on.