This forever summer period is seriously precious and perfect timing.
The grandpa has been a little weak with his arthritis and old age,
and it's been really special getting to hang out with him.

I had a sudden flashback to my childhood today, 
back to when I used to hang out at the grandparents house.
Those days would be filled with lots of Chinese television 
and a guaranteed morning dose of "The Price is Right." 
I have learned nothing about bidding on prizes.

I don't think I remember appreciating him much in my teens.
But there's something about sitting in a living room with him again, 
tv blaring, me doing my own thing, and him in his recliner..
and I'm overwhelmed by how special this guy has been in my life.

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  1. You are so lucky to have your grandfather in your life. I met mine briefly when I was 3. My mom's dad passed away a couple years later and my dad's dad died when I was in high school. I never saw either again and I have no memory of either of them. They were on the east coast and I was out here on the west. I am so glad you appreciate the time you have with him. Many people don't until it is far too late. I bet he appreciates you too, even if he doesn't say it.