It's coming!

Ah, I can finally post this now that details are ironed out.


I'm a ball of emotions: excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear.
If I had to fill out one of those "What is your mood today?" cards, 
I'd write ALL OF THE ABOVE in gigantic sharpie marker.

I know from the some of the past experiences 
that nothing comes together wonderfully without a little fearlessness and big faith.
I'm hanging onto that.

that, and this:

Prints are great, but cards are so fun!
So I'm working on getting some of that into the show. 
It's not too far of a stretch, but still a whole 'nother level of organizing and dreaming.
Here's a little teaser:

testing prints and type

that Micron Graphic pen..mmmm
favorite pen, ever.

and this past tuesday, Lilly treat us to delicious almond croissants before we talked shop. 
Olivia's having her own show at Share the same night!!

I'll probably have more to share as we approach the August 2nd opening night.
stay tuned, friends. 

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