The Itsy, Bitsy Nutella Bikini

so this short 3-1/2 day week still managed to squeeze 
so much creative content out of the team..
i'm exhausted and grateful for the long weekend.



Lemme gloat a bit:
I correctly predicted the end score for this game at the office: 
2 to 1, in favor of Belgium
..and now I'm just full of pride, just not the American kind.
hopefully all these flag-filled designs make up for my lack of patriotism.

beautiful America, patriotic cosmetics, lalala

one of my favorites of the week:

yeah, they did.

here it is, that bikini:
hahaha this one ended up being so fun.
and no, they're not for sale.

love this title.

hairy letters.

and we'll end with a my boss and i trying out the Spoon Facial: