pretty writing meets HOLY MATRIMONY: Emmeline & Eric

"the Royal Wedding",
as we've all dubbed this day.

once that hunk of a diamond was placed on Em's hand,

all the pinning,
the emailing,
the gchatting,
the venting (haha).
oh, and Em was studying for her medical boards
all at the same time.

quite a ride!


anyway, let's get to it.

one of the images I took inspiration from,
via Em's pinterest board:

sketchbook shhtuff:

The colors were mainly bright greens and a light peach,
very similar to her gorgeous wedding bouquet:

oh, hi Em!
Margarette Sia Photography

but I took a few liberties and pumped up the peaches
to a brighter, more energetic orange
(think the deep orange shadows of those peach roses),
which I thought would fit their summer wedding vibe a little more.

here's a little mood board of the invite elements:

so the vibe? 
fresh and easygoing,
florals and lots of green, chubby leaves.

the final product!
off the press and topped with a cute little green bow:

glad we got to put these pretty engagement pictures to use,
from who else?  
Margarette Sia, of course.

the other paper items ran with the same feel,
i like how their names fit together here on the program:

the menus and name cards doing their thing, day of:


amazing setup, yeah??


it was a beautiful, beautiful day.
hop on over to Margarette's blog to read their story.
(the most thorough and thoughtful wedding photographer/blogger ever)

Margarette Sia Photography

thanks Em + Eric for letting me be a part of your day in this way!
you guys are very special to me.
so glad we get to do church together.

ps. the flower girl + ring bearer (AHH)

Margarette Sia Photography