Another one bites the dust..

I'm in the blogging mood.
(can't you tell?)
This post will be more lighthearted than the previous one, promise.


2014 seems to be the year of
saying yes to diamonds and boys and budgeting and marriage.
who's with me on that??

still, such an exciting time. 
and i'm so happy and HONORED to know these secret happenings beforehand,
to have a hand in creating something for them. 



Em and I grew up together.
She's been talking about weddings since I can remember.
Lavender and green used to be her colors.
Lavender has since shifted to a sweet, trendy coral.
but other than that, not much has changed.

She's still the same girl I grew up with.
same organized everything,
same determinaton,
same big heart for Jesus,
same size.

Anyway, Eric gathered a few of us (Johan + Fi, happy times)
and we brainstormed ideas, went a little pinterest crazy,
went on a shopping spree with Eric's credit card,
and with the help of many of Em & Eric's family and friends, 
managed to pull together a PARTAYYY to celebrate this exciting time. 

what an adventure it was, pulling off something that only seasoned event coordinators should tackle.
it was all super fun, tiring, and satisfying though.

(obviously these are just the photos I snapped on my phone.
haha, but a glimpse anyway..)

gorgeous day, beautiful locale.

sweet proposal set up on a magic carpet.
cue *Aladdin*

and at the house..

SURPRISE success. we win.

easy party favor solution. pin it. pin it.
also, sidenote:
 DIY projects are totally NOT as easy as they look on blogs.
WHO has chicken wire, spray paint, and wood laying around?
The trip itself took away that one "easy afternoon".
k, venting done.

and behold, that DIY project in all it's fluffy, napkin glory:


congrats you two.
so glad you're part of my life.

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