Pine Knot Trail, you fooled us.
We went into this hike thinking it was a 4 mile baby.
piece of cake.

hah. NO. NO CAKE.
but I would like an entire chocolate cream pie, please.
yeah, because I finished the 9 MILES it ended up being.
(i know, i'm a whimp..)

Good thing we prepped a bit with sandwiches beforehand and electrolytes throughout.
And good thing the weather was just perfect.
you know, like "April 25th...not too hot and not too cold" perfection.

and you can't complain with this company and these surroundings.

hiking has a good way of making you forget,
just focus on moving those feet.
and then maybe you'll see some of THIS:


and #snowballs

isn't this beautiful?
let's not forget, 
we totally cheated while heading back,
 and took a shortcut that ended up not being a shortcut.
i felt like katniss, minus the brains and just the frantic exhaling

and finally, the view up top.
what a treat.

I'm still feeling a sense of accomplishment
from this hike we took a good many days ago.


till next time,
my body says thank you, Big Bear, for kicking my butt 
and giving me something silly to boast about.

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