Can't, WON'T.

Midweek reality check:
You can't please people.
You can't make them happy.
maybe for a day, but not forever.

whomp whomp, huh??

no, but really.
this has been a pretty tumultuous few weeks at work,
ups and downs, inside out, hanging on for dear life.
tumultuous in the sense that we've felt a little uninspired, restricted.
and it's really affected how our team's been functioning.

i'm sure everyone knows how that feels,
so i feel ok posting about this here.

i've been exhausted!
trying to figure out how to fix this.
how to be a "solution" to the problem.

since getting this job, i've really been praying
well...less praying, more wondering how "i can be a light" here in hollywood.
i really thought that meant smiles, happy faces and a really good attitude about everything.

i'm incapable.

and i realized that yesterday somewhere along the 10,
when I finally surrendered this whole savior complex to God in prayer.



1. this verse, ironically from our bible study just this past saturday.

"Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings,
or of God?
Or am I trying to please people?
If I were still trying to please people,
I would not be a servant of Christ."
Galatians 1:10

duh, Trisha, it's ALL RIGHT THERE.

2. this not-so-HIP, but totally happening song from the 90's:

Oh Holy Spirit, You're my comfort
Strengthen me, hold my head up high
And I stand upon Your truth
Bringing glory unto You
And let the peace of God,
let it reign!

ah, amen.

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