That blogpost about blogposts.

Just spent the last hour trying to save my xanga entries
(xanga is ending??! something complicated?)
 and import them somewhere safe.
..like a folder on my desktop. 

omg. xanga.
that cyber journal that carried me from middle school through highschool.
which then led to my old wordpress,
documenting my photography ventures.
365 photo project, anyone??

some highlights, thoughts:
1. I still write/speak the same way, via blog.
2. I can't believe I've kept this up for so long.
3. This past hour just reaffirmed my blogging love and purpose.

deep thoughts.

but seriously, what a great way to dig through my past.
Maybe I have some ability to stay consistent.
I've got it in me!

anyway, a few fun entries I pulled from my wordpress:

ah, so fun.

what a blessed life I live!

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