Nope, I don't know anything about Juan Pablo's season,
other than the fact that he's got an accent and a daughter?

Maybe this isn't something to flaunt. haha.
so I've watched select seasons of the Bachelor franchise,
but only if the people are kind of interesting.

ie. Emily Maynard
totally watched her entire Brad season because
she was from the south.

omgah, she met Dolly!

'nuff said.


anyway, in the midst of a pretty tough work week,
this was a really wonderful breath of fresh air to read,
also kinda from lala-hollywood-land.

Emily shares about her faith and how God redeemed her from her brokenness:

"...For so many years I have questioned why He would bring me through something like The Bachelor and eventually The Bachelorette, knowing all along I would meet my husband through church just a few miles from my house. Couldn't He have spared me so much heartbreak and humiliation? Well, as I was praying for Him to give me any excuse NOT to speak at church, I kept getting the same message: THIS was the very reason. I have gone through many storms in my life, only to have God bring me through to the other side and now was my chance to give Him all the glory."
from her blog.

and here's the church interview with Emily and her fiance.

heck, I don't know her. obviously.

but as a Bachelor viewer, I've been totally sucked into this lady's life 
and have been rooting for Emily's happiness since day one, haven't you??

and PTL, this happy ending and final rose is truly coming
from something bigger and better than reality tv,
Jesus himself!


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