said Christine..

to starbucks, disneyland, and forever with Andy.


I'm motivated by beautiful photos.
how cheesy is THAT line?
but really, Christine and Andy's proposal was documented SO beautifully...

so. I shall blog.


Andy and I grew up together in church, 
but he was always way cooler since he was a few years older.
BUT, we share the same birthday...
and birthdays trump age differences.

I met Christine because she started dating Andy.
I think we connected on the most unexpected terms:
feeling uncomfortable, out of place, too new.
Since then, God has used that kind of insecurity that we both felt individually,
allowing us to share some commonality,
opening our eyes to a new budding friendship that I'm pretty excited about.


anyway, thee proposal!
Christine's galpals whipped this entire thing up with Andy, 
seemingly effortlessly. I was SO impressed when I saw the site.


Andy asked me to create this customized starbucks "logo" for them,
a challenge, but pretty things can happen when you take out a creepy mermaid.

but what an honor to have this piece front and center of your proposal!
heck, your GRANDKIDS are going to see these!
All above images via the marvelous Margarette Sia.

And then there was my iphone:

hahahah, i love this girl.


congrats! let the super organized wedding planning begin ;)
and so happy to have you "marry into" our church, Christine. hahaha!

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