my uncle from HK is in town for a work trip.
and he brought this baby back:

i interned for his workplace two summers ago,
and got to design an entire album for them,
start to finish, beginning to end, A to Z.

you get the point.

'twas exciting getting to have an actual physical copy.
everything's virtual and almost not real,
until you're holding it in your hand.


anyway, got me reminiscing about my HK summer.
food, family, and humidity.
i think that's how i'll sum it up.

walk down a very colorful memory lane with me, will you??

1. Sheets of Tofu, in my mom's old HK stomping grounds
2. Pounding the pavement, from my morning commutes
3. Checking proofs for the album design!
4. Little fish polishing my heals in Singapore

5. First solo taxi ride with translations in hand, so nerve racking
6. Foggy green mountain mornings
7.  Fun leather class with my cousin
8. That rare morning I swam, in Singapore


wahh, when i hoard up enough vacation days and some money,
you can bet i'll be on a 15 hour flight back to the motherlaaaaand!

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