Today I cried at work.


nothing weepy or loud and obnoxious,
just two quiet streams running down my face 
and ruining my scrappy foundation job from that morning.

It was nothing that anyone did to me, really.
I was just frustrated. annoyed. angry. confused. 
with myself.

WHY can't I figure out this image?!
(I create editorial images for this site)

I have been feeling quite stuck the past few weeks.
Meeting up with me must've been really exhausting,
cause all I can do is complain about how busy I am
 and how tired I am from being busy.

but being in that embarrassing, snotty, teary mess today..
I hit a wall.

and when I hit walls, I turn off my computer and read my bible.
or read: I finally think to run to Jesus.

and that there..that's what it is.
Sure, I'll continue to struggle at work, 
the learning curve will continue to be unknown and extremely steep.
but I can't bank on myself, my skills, my knowledge, my yadayada.
heck, I can have all the talents in the world
and have nothing.

I need to be looking for God in everything, with everything.



1. "In him we find the wisdom, strength, and reason for hope that we have been lacking. 
Far more than happy feelings and accurate understanding, 
Christ gives me reason to continue in something that would have long since defeated me."
from 'Relationships: A Mess Worth Making"

2. "He is before all things,
and in Him all things hold together."
Colossians 1:17

God is good.

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