One thing I miss a lot after getting this job is
not being able to pick up this preschooler from class Wednesday-Friday.
She was a total chatterbox--
I could ask her the same questions every day and it wouldn't be awkward.

Anyway, got me thinking about kindergarten haha
...and I remember a lot of it.

So a list..

1. Fake oreo cavities on my back molars 
2. No running with scissors allowed 
3. No writing "8" with two circles 
4. Sitting by the chalkboard cause I chatted too much 
5. Fracturing my arm and a buddy helping me cut paper 
6. Kids going to speech class and wondering what that was all about 
7. Mini restrooms in our class
8. Sitting on my own carpet square 
9. Listening to the kost on the freeway 
10. Toys r us giraffe
11. Halloween costume parades, pretty sure I just wore orange that year
12. Kitchenette

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