pretty writing meets CHUBBY BABY: Austin!

this kid is special:
1. first newborn baby of our congregation
2. first baby i've ever visited at a hospital
3. first newborn i've ever held, period.

seriously, we've seen this all the way from prayers to now REAL LIFE. 


i have a new appreciation for brand new babies because of him.
he's so cute.

only 6 weeks old and he's already changed so much.

i can go on and on and on.
but let me stop here,
and just show you:

so serious


so when his mama asked me to create a little announcement card for him..
gee? how could i resist?

especially when our buddy Johan took thee cutest snap:

which we then combined with a little lettering 
and his mama's favorite chevrons...
to make this fun number:

seriously, this wasn't even work.


if you don't have a baby to announce, 
but you do have some parents to congratulate...
i've just relisted my "BABY congrats" card over on etsy!

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