it's the weekend!

this week involved a little more illustration and creative freedom than i've had in a while,
i'm not complaining!!

i think i need to start doing a little roundup of the week, 
just to keep tabs on what's been going on.

let's get organized, shall we?

aaand now I know.

'twas VEGAN BBQ week at the Savory,
cause July 4th is next week, ya know??

the World Cup continues to be a big deal at the office,
so I continue to pretend to care a lot about it, especially during lunch.

one of my favorites from the week:


a #fbf from last week:

and an old gif:

cheers to the weekend.
coworkers are fun, but let's not see each other till monday.


ps. camp sadness/excitement. wish i was there!!

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