It's been a week of really fun, challenging projects
that has had me "arting,"
dabbling in different areas that I love-
illustration, design, calligraphy, photography. 

Yes, it feels like many days of pretending

I know I'm not alone when I say that I find myself in waves of insecurity and constant comparing.
These lulls come suddenly through the most random things: insta, blogs, a stranger..
or even slowly and quietly while I'm working on something and lost in thought. 
It's distracting and can be crippling. 

My goal, post graduation and for this forever summer, has been to keep on creating.
So yes, I know, these moments of self doubt are expected and necessary. 

I've been praying for a heart that is teachable--
for God to teach me to continue taking those faithful leaps, in spite of;
to have joy in creating to serve Him
not to serve a secure future full of steady paychecks.

remember these furry guys? 
saw them all the time lining up in 2nd grade.

- - - - -

So I'll continue to hope in my God 
who has dreams for me that are greater than I'll ever have---
like big, beautiful butterfly dreams for a tiny, self-doubting caterpillar. 

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