Let's be honest.

My workspace/bedroom would never qualify for design*sponge or anything of that sort.

I'm a mess. My room, my brain, my reality. ALL OF IT.

I know 32 of my friends thought I was super organized over on Instagram though:

- - - - - SO here's the fun part - - - - -


(Sorry, mom.)

Mess of a desk and a neglected life painting

The bed that doubles as a side table, because papers will always overflow.

Beds next to desks are dangerous. It's beckoning me. Naptime, Trisha, NAPTIME..

And finally, the desk in all its glory. 

As crazy as it looks, I actually like this photo a lot. 

This is me, at the moment.

Note: a little VSCO magic makes everything look calm and collected.

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  1. I love this post!!! I am pretty sure this is what hard work looks like, and it's great to see such a candid behind the scenes look. If I showed my room / workspace it'd be this plus 3 loads of clean laundry I've been trying to put away for the past 2 weeks...or so :/ lol I am trying to make it to Art Walk so I can see your new fabulous pieces of work!