I'm afraid I have spent my last five years in art classes...playing pretend.

Let's imagine that:

Bieber can be classy and romantic during Christmas time.

Donuts are a metaphor of me.
this one's deep.

A how-to guide for vacuuming is necessary.

And chubby toddlers have great diving form..


- - -

A lot of my down time now has been spent hunched over my floor or at my desk, engrossed in tasks that don't seem necessary at all--
packing prints, ripping paper, watercoloring business cards, etc.


There are moments where I feel like I AM playing pretend again,
pretending that these menial tasks are necessary, that it matters

and I get lost in it,
with zero restrictions, no one to please,
just joy and contentment and a lot of dreaming.

Yes, I am SO aware of how fleeting these moments are.
But I'm also aware of how freeing these times can be.

- - -

“If you have a rhythm, if you get up every morning and work for a few hours, and you like the getting up and the work, and you don’t think about how great it will be when it’s done, but rather how great it is every day that you get to get up and do the work, your creation will be tremendous. Don’t think about the finished product. Stop rewarding yourself with something that doesn’t exist, and may never exist. Instead, think about how delightful it is you get to do this, you get to make this, and how delightful it will be to get up and do it again tomorrow.” Don Miller

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