Illustration Storytime: "Stars"

Thought it'd be fun for little storytime segments on what's behind some of my illustrations.. 
yay? nay??

- - - - -

Some of you may remember I had a "photography phase" 
(heavily documented on my old xanga and trickled over to my tumblr for a little bit.) 
I still love it, but I was definitely consumed then.

This phase began freshman year of college, 
when I had no burdening homework and lived in a beautiful apartment complex overflowing with trees.  
I had also started following a TON of photography blogs 
(many of which you can still find on my blog roll to the right), 
totally inspired by their use of color, composition, light, subjects, etc. 

One of my favorite photographers, theimageisfound, grabbed my attention with personal posts featuring their daughter, Grace---
then a toddler with so much energy, spunk, and personality. 
I loved it. 

Here's one of my favorites.
See? Beautiful and so hilarious.

This one obviously left an impression (how could it not??) 
and ultimately inspired this guy:

prints available in the etsy shop

" S T A R S " 

This guy stemmed out of "Flight", my little aviation buddy and his dreams of flying way up into the stars. 
It's an ode to Grace, telescopes fashioned out of tape and glass cups, and paper skies.

I'm constantly inspired by my nursery kids...
sure, their attention spans are about a minute at the most, 
but their ability to imagine, wonder, and dream is incomparable. 
This whole "Embrace" series has been my effort in trying to remember and capture that. 
Hopefully this is doing it justice. 

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