Photospree: Hooray, Graduates!

It's exciting when friends and family remember my photo days 
and trust me enough to ask for a photospree. 

I'm definitely not the most professional 
(once I forgot to charge the battery, camera was dead, 
and we resorted to the crazy powerful iPhone. 
eek. not a proud moment.)

that'll get the emails in!

ANYWAY, my cousin Katy and her roommates graduated just this past weekend 
and we had a photospree all around UC Irvine, bright and early like supermodels do.
'twas super fun getting to see the campus 
and observe my cousin's friendship with her roomies.

this time...my battery was fully charged, 
the weather was glorious, 
the gals had wonderful chemistry,
and it was just all around a really great morning.

katy - -
so proud of you! 
you're one of the most thoughtful, caring, hardworking people i know. 
you inspire me! thanks to you and your roomies for letting me do this!

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