I LOVE: Stephanie K. Clark

Remember cross stitching?
It's not a craft that's disappeared or anything,
I just haven't touched any of that stuff in YEARS.

I used to be really into it.
This hairstylist at my mom's old salon used to cross stitch for her grandkids during her breaks,
and I would just stare at her working, while waiting for my mom.
I think I tried starting a couple, from kits I got at Joann's?
Never finished them. 

Now the only times I ever use embroidery thread is for friendship bracelets at camp,
and that's if I'm really bored. 

- - -

Anyway, I could type forever.

I found this artist, Stephanie K. Clark, on Pinterest the other day.
She 'paints with embroidery thread'. 
If you scroll on, you'll see..

Isn't it AMAZING??

I'm so jealous.
makes me miss painting.

Find more here.

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