Shark week, y'all.

Got to catch up with my old camp director, Kacy, the other night. 
She's hilarious and is pretty well-known in our little circles for her LOVE of sharks.

I quote: 
"I was weird as a kid, went off to the library to read books about dinosaurs and sharks."

So, thee most exciting news yet.. 
She's expecting a baby girl in November!

Clearly, I get a little too giddy about other people's offspring. 
Here. And here

But I can't help it, 
especially when I've been following their stories from the beginning.
 It makes me so happy to know that God's blessed them with a little mini. 

in light of this baby excitement AND shark week (coincidence, really), 
here's an illustration that is now happily housed in the Nagatoshi residence:

print available in the etsy shop.

- - -

Also working on getting some custom baby illustration options available..
yay? nay?

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