Mock Interviews.

This week began quite tumultuously.
(you can read a few posts back and get a taste of that.)

But it ends on a really sweet note. 

I had an interview this morning!
I don't know if these are things that should be blasted into cyberspace. haha

tamed hair and long sleeves: interview getup.

But honestly, I want to share this.

A buddy of mine sat me down last night to have a mock interview.
It was something I was dreading, but knew I needed to take a stab at. 
Practice makes perfect right?

One of the questions was simple, but a deep one.

What kind of person are you?

It's a weird one to answer.
I mean, the Asian in me wants to be humble and coy, yet confident about it.
You know passive aggressively throwing out all my great, hard-earned qualities,
with a little bit of blushing and head shaking.
I'm exaggerating, but do you do that? haha

But anyway, if I gained anything from this mock interview experience,
I gained a really great time of reflection
(and I wrote this in an email to another friend of mine):

I realized that my creativity, my inspiration, comes not from myself 
but from being with people, being outside, being in new environments. 
I am an artist based not on simply what is inside me or my talents, 
but honestly, from relationships that God's graced me with. 
This is completely mind blowing and I realize is something that is seriously divine. 

The answer I came up with was beyond me,
and by that I mean the Lord definitely reminded me of this and placed it on my heart. 

I'll end with this quote from a book I'm reading with a buddy 
(email book clubs are SO in. i love it)

"We should be measuring our potential according to the size of God's provision 
and the promise of his eternal presence. 
Even in the deepest difficulty, we are never without resources. 
We are never alone...
Our problems have everything to do with sin, 
and our potential has everything to do with Christ."

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