Space out.

pismo beach camping trip, oct 2012

A friend posted this quote on Instagram today,
I believe it's from the gospel coalition?
and it is SO relevant:

"Waiting is not a sign that your world is out of control. 
Rather, it is a sign that your world is under 
the wise and infinitely attentive control of 
a God of fathomless wisdom and boundless love. 
This means you can rest as you wait, not because you like to wait, 
but because you trust the One who is calling you to wait."

Like my previous post suggested..
man it's been a tough few days of mind games and swirling thoughts.
A lot of pressure on myself to 
wake up,
catch up,
keep up,
hurry up..

I don't know WHAT I'm running against. 
It's only been 3 months post grad..
Trisha, give yourself a break.
I mean, we can joke that my eggs are dying.
or the fact that I just referred to myself in third-person, yikes.

I don't feel that kind of pressure
(i really don't), but I also do?

It's like I have too much time on my hands, worrying about time running out.


I want to go visit my grandpa tomorrow, sit with him and just get lost in thought.
deep breaths and spacing out.

peace out.

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